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Philips BLB TL 8W/108

Cikkszám: 8711500951045


GPC kód: 928001010803

Energia besorolás: B

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    The TL Mini Blacklight Blue family

    This TL Miniature lamp (tube diameter 16 mm) is made of blacklight blue (dark blue) glass, which transmits UV-A radiation, but gives only a minimum of visible light. It is a perfect solution for quick detection of UV-reflecting materials. It is used especially for testing, inspection and analysis in various branches of industry, e.g. criminology, philately and medicine. Furthermore, it is applied to create special effects in the entertainment industry, e.g. in nightclubs and theaters.



    • Straight outer envelope
    • Detection and analysis in the textile and chemical industries
    • Banking and forensic science
    • Special effects in night clubs, discos and theatres, and sign lighting
    The light source for money checking!
    • Quick detection of UV-reflecting materials
    • Creates special lighting atmospheres and effects
    General Characteristics
    Cap-Base G5
    Bulb T5 [16 mm]
    Life to 50% failures EM 10000 hr
    Light Technical Characteristics
    Color Code 108 [08 lead free glass]
    Color Designation (text) Blacklight Blue
    Electrical Characteristics
    Lamp Wattage 8 W
    Lamp Wattage Technical 7.1 W
    Lamp Voltage 56 V
    Lamp Current 0.145 A
    UV-related Characteristics
    UV-A Power (IEC) 1.3 W
    UV-B/UV-A (IEC) 0.25 %
    Product Dimensions
    Base Face to Base Face A 288.3 (max) mm
    Insertion Length B 293.0 (min), 295.4 (max) mm
    Overall Length C 302.5 (max) mm
    Diameter D 16 (max) mm
    Product Data
    Order code 928001010803
    Full product code 928001010803
    Full product name TL 8W BLB 1FM
    Order product name TL 8W BLB 1FM/10X25CC
    Pieces per pack 1
    Packing configuration 10X25CC
    Packs per outerbox 250
    Bar code on pack - EAN1 8711500951045
    Bar code on intermediate packing - EAN2 8711500951021
    Bar code on outerbox - EAN3 8711500951038
    Logistic code(s) - 12NC 928001010803
    Net weight per piece 25.300 gr

    Installation diagrams

    TL 8W BLB 1FM+