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Philips 7748XHP 250W 24V G6.35 EHJ Focusline Flat Filament SE

Cikkszám: 8711500410290


GPC kód: 924006520503

Energia besorolás: B

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    The Halogen non-reflector family

    Halogen non-reflector lamps offer high-quality light and are easy to install, replace and operate. All halogen non-reflector lamps incorporate a distortion-free quartz bulb and a precise positioning of the mounted filament. These ensure optimal beam performance and consistent, high light output. A wide range of wattages is available for a broad variety of applications, including projection systems. In addition you get all the proven advantages of halogen technology such as a full spectrum and a color rendering index (CRI) of 100 – the same as natural light and the best that it can be. Halogen lamps also create a comfortable warm white light, and they maintain their lumen output, with almost no reduction, throughout their lifetime.



    • Distortion-free, quartz bulb and precisely defined filament position
    • Lamp replacement without adjustment
    • XHP version with xenon gas for maximum light output
    • Flat filament available
    • Studio, film, theatre and disco lighting
    • Slide, overhead, profile and 8/16 mm film projectors
    • Microscopes
    • Optical equipment
    • Slide and film viewers
    • Surgery lamps
    • Microfilm readers
    • Dental lamps
    • Spectrography
    Halogen non-reflector lamps – high-quality light and easy to use
    • Optimal beam performance
    • 100% Color Rendering Index (CRI)
    • Constant light output throughout lifetime
    General Characteristics
    Philips Code 7748XHP
    ANSI Code EHJ
    LIF Code A1/223
    Cap-Base G6.35
    Bulb Material Quartz-UV Open
    Filament Shape Flat
    Operating Position s90
    Main Application Projection
    Life to 50% failures 50 hr
    Light Technical Characteristics
    Color Rendering Index 100 Ra8
    Color Temperature Technical 3400 K
    Luminous Flux Lamp 10000 Lm
    Electrical Characteristics
    Lamp Wattage 250 W
    Voltage 24 V
    Luminaire Design Requirements
    Pinch Temperature 400 (max) C
    Bulb Temperature 900 (max) C
    Product Dimensions
    Diameter D 13.5 (max) mm
    Light Center Length L 32.75 (min), 33 (nom), 33.25 (max) mm
    Pin Diameter P 0.95 (min), 1 (nom), 1.05 (max) mm
    Filament Dimensions (WxH) [mm] 7.4x3.5
    Product Data
    Order code 924006520503
    Full product code 924006520503
    Full product name 7748XHP 250W G6.35 24V 1CT
    Order product name 7748XHP 250W G6.35 24V 1CT/10X10F
    Pieces per pack 1
    Packing configuration 10X10F
    Packs per outerbox 100
    Bar code on pack - EAN1 8711500410290
    Bar code on intermediate packing - EAN2 8711500421029
    Bar code on outerbox - EAN3 8711500423153
    Logistic code(s) - 12NC 924006520503
    Net weight per piece 0.004 kg

    Installation diagrams

    7748XHP 250W G6.35 24V 1CT+